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excuse me?, and now you've angered the elf.
Posted on 2011.05.18 at 16:59
[It's impossible for Zevran to define how he feels upon returning to Mayfield, after years away from the place. Of course, upon returning to his own world he had no memory of ever being gone, so he could hardly have missed the place or anyone in it - it was as though it had never happened at all. He had simply picked up his life as though he had never left.

But now, upon returning, it all comes rushing back, and he's not sure how to deal with it. How long was he gone on this end...? Probably not nearly as long as it was for him, that's for certain; the last time he left, he'd been gone in Mayfield for a day but had been nearly a year in Thedas failing to murder Grey Wardens and helping to defeat a Blight. Are his friends still here? Is Olivier?

Is he happy, or horrified?

In any case, 1669 Nelson, your elf assassin father/husband is back! Looking a bit older and a lot more thoughtful as he prowls his unsettlingly familiar home away from home.

Of course, eventually he has to check the surroundings beyond, as well.]


...so! Who missed me? [As usual, he's making light of something that's far more serious than he's letting on. Some things are a comfortable constant.] How long have I even been gone, for that matter?

ouch, that could have gone better

Your heart is worn (Private to Olivier)

Posted on 2011.03.30 at 01:49
And the seams are tornCollapse )

a regrettable necessity

I'm still alive

Posted on 2011.02.19 at 20:36
And I can't apologizeCollapse )

ouch, that could have gone better


Posted on 2011.01.14 at 23:40
Action post, only for housemates and specifically Olivier, cutting to spare the uninvolved~Collapse )

excuse me?, and now you've angered the elf.

The only pair of boots Zevran will never wear

Posted on 2010.12.25 at 19:55
[Well, Zevran asked for - and received - quite a few gifts from Santa. Of course, as everyone else who's gotten gifts could tell you, that's not exactly a good thing.

The tombstone was in the first package he opened. He stares at it for a few minutes before getting to his feet and picking up the phone.]

Is this supposed to upset me, Santa? [His voice is cold, amused.] Did you expect me to believe this? I wrote my letter to you before she came back, but now that she is, how do you expect to convince me she is dead? And even if she were...presumably she would have died at home in her own world, doing what she loved. And I am no stranger to death. Not the most effective approach, I am sorry to say.

So what else do you have for me, hm? [There is some rustling as he opens the next gift, a pause as he examines it - and then a sharp gasp as realization dawns, followed by a thud as he flings the box away from him. He's found the elfskin boots.] You - what sort of sick trophy is this? Not even humans would go so far as that! [He sounds well and truly angry, one of the few times he's ever been genuinely riled.] You have a very sick definition of 'leather', and I will take my time correcting you.

I hardly know why I am surprised anymore.

[Here Zevran hangs up in order to tear through the rest of his presents, looking for more nasty surprises...but the only surprise comes from the fact that everything else seems to be in order. His bow and arrows, his blades, his poisons, and some Antivan brandy. He reaches for the bow, first, picking it up and slinging the quiver over his shoulder.

Fortunately, no one else is in sight at the moment, so the murderous effects of the weapons go unnoticed for now...]

all business, and you don't want to know what business

To the soldier, the civilian

Posted on 2010.12.19 at 06:16
[Zevran has been thinking for some time. He'd already decided his own course, days ago; the question was whether he would invite others to share it. He's come to the conclusion that it can't hurt to ask.

Unless, say, Fritz or Prussia find out...too bad he's not actually aware that Prussia might cause him problems yet! Otherwise his filter might be a bit more - comprehensive.]

[Filtered to: Olivier's army members, sans Frederick]

It seems as though a discussion of the army and its current state might be in order, for those who may have...questions regarding its direction. I have some thoughts on the matter; any who come to 1669 Nelson Street may hear them.

Ciel, Legault, Leliana - you three I wish to speak to in particular.

just as planned, smug as hell
Posted on 2010.11.14 at 21:07
[Well, Mayfield, you may have seen many things, but one wonders if you've ever seen a tattooed elf in full drakeskin armor. Zevran has finally gotten his armor back - a magnificent and well-crafted piece of work called Shadow of the Empire - and he is exceedingly pleased about it. No more boring normal clothing for him! He now looks every inch the assassin-slash-Grey Warden retainee he was back in Ferelden.

Of course, given that the armor comes with what is essentially a skirt, Mayfield may be seeing more of Zevran's tanned legs than it is quite prepared for in the coming days.]

Well, to those who were concerned about me - I am feeling considerably better! And though the sparkling and the bloodlust were a temporary inconvenience, it would seem I have been repaid amply for it. Perhaps I was simply lucky, of course, but it would seem that was one of the least disruptive matters for which the town has rewarded us since I arrived here.

a regrettable necessity
Posted on 2010.11.07 at 00:40
[Zevran's world never had candy corn, unsurprisingly. And on Halloween, he was too busy wandering around in his awesome pirate outfit to actually try any fresh. So when he finds the leftovers in the basement, he's quite pleased to have the chance of trying a sample...though he's decidedly unimpressed with the results. Why would anyone make a candy so unapologetically bitter?

This small letdown, oddly, seems to color his mood for the whole day, as he's much less cheerful and ridiculous than usual. Even the fact that he's begun sparkling, which he only notices after giving in to an unusually strong impulse to go shirtless, doesn't amuse him the way it normally would.

It isn't until he starts feeling strange cravings that he leaves his house, however. He'll be going both to Conrad's and to Olivier's, but anyone can run into the darkest-skinned vampire ever along the way~]

all business, and you don't want to know what business
Posted on 2010.10.26 at 00:58
[Unfiltered, because really, what does it matter anymore]

Conrad, my friend - I want you to come stay with me, for now. It will be safer for you. I will come over to escort you here, but we must be quick, and we must go unnoticed.

No arguments.

Leliana, if you are listening, you and your rat are welcome here as well. Cynric, wherever you are...I hope you are all right.

[And Zevran will be making his way to Conrad's house...though he's being exceedingly cautious about it. Using every bit of stealth and craft he was ever taught, sticking as much to backyards and roofs and trees to be obscured from sight or above hazmat eye level, whatever it takes. The trip there is going to be as easy as it's going to get, because on the way back...he'll be shepherding a nervous, hapless vampire.]


Zevran had been considering how to go about recruiting people for Olivier's army for days. Originally he'd actually intended for it to be cheerful, almost playful; certainly her side has enough seriousness as it is. Besides, she told him to be gregarious, and his baffling friendliness - in spite of his profession and many other factors besides - has often won people over.

But after all these recent events - including the fact that his friend Susan has apparently had all her limbs chopped off by Grady, and is no doubt dead by now - that plan has gone right out the window. Even for Zevran, there's nothing to be cheerful about today. And there's definitely no more time to be wasted.]

[Filtered, though it probably won't help]

I, Zevran Arainai, have been asked by Major General Armstrong to look for new recruits who wish to join her army - in place of our friend Maes Hughes, who is now gone. I have been here some time, working alongside her, and I can safely say that she seems to have the most information, the most resources, the most men, and the most resolve of anyone here. She is organized, efficient, and capable. Anyone working with her will inevitably find themselves at more of an advantage than they would have working alone.

It is all too clear that things are going rapidly downhill, even as I speak; this is exactly the time when an army is necessary, and when it is far better to be part of one than not. Those unwilling to fight beside her may soon be forced to fight alone, and the odds are not in our favor as it is.

I...had not expected or intended for my call for recruits to come at such a time, but there may be no better time than now to make new allies, because we will all surely need them.

[Filtered FROM: Drones, Conrad and Seychelles]

To the man who assaulted my friend with Casimiro - Fin, I believe he called you? I gave your partner full warning of the consequences if he attacked Conrad, and as that did not stop him, I took that as an acceptance of my terms.

Casimiro is dead. When he returns, it will hopefully be with more respect for the words of an assassin. If he did not pass on my warning to you? Then consider this yours.

[After a rather nasty encounter on his way home - spoiler alert: Lucy decided he needed to be attacked by a rather vicious dog - Zevran isn't exactly in the best shape...though he does make it all the way to his house, bloody and injured as he is. Housemates may find him on the phone, possibly dripping a bit of blood on the floor, and for everyone else(who's still awake at this late hour), they'll hear this - ]

Ah...now is the time I miss my lovely Wynne the most. [He clears his throat; his voice sounds rather strained, but other than that he still sounds remarkably like his usual self.] Would any healers be available at this time of night? I can offer payment for your services...

Posted on 2010.09.04 at 05:56
[It would be nice to say that Zevran has never woken up in a strange room next to a strange woman in strange clothes with no memory of how he got there. But, frankly, even before Mayfield, this used to happen to him every so often after big parties. Ah, the good old days.

He's reminded even more of his past once he sits up and takes in the surroundings. Granted, he's not really familiar with how the world of Mayfield works in regards to many things, but he knows a brothel setup when he sees one! It's a bit baffling, but for his part, he almost instantly feels at home.

Deciding it would be impolite to wake his unsuspecting partner, Zevran instead gets out of bed and heads over to the food. If he's lucky, he might need the energy later~]

flirt, I wasn't aware such loveliness existed
Posted on 2010.08.26 at 21:03
[Filtered to: Olivier]

There is someone I'd like you to meet, Olivier. Would you be willing to be bribed shamelessly with coffee for an hour or so of your time?

[Filtered to: Alistair]

Alistair, my friend! It is time you met the Major General. I am certain you will like her...eventually. Or at least respect her. And you must be rather lost in a world without darkspawn, yes? There will be coffee. And cheese...

all business, and you don't want to know what business

OOC: Regain List!

Posted on 2010.08.12 at 21:21
[Tattoos - 5 box tops
Blades - 5 box tops
Bow (& arrows) - 5 box tops
Armor - 10 box tops
Return to Antiva - 1,000 box tops
Rinna - 10,000 box tops]

ah, but do they rent out ponies at this hour, hmm
Posted on 2010.08.12 at 01:48
[Upon checking the mail, Zevran discovered the small booklet listing all the things he could get back from the town - tattoos, his blades, his bow, his armor - in exchange for nothing more than cereal box tops. Needless to say, he immediately went out and grabbed quite a number of cereal boxes, and is currently standing in his kitchen studying the pile of boxes contemplatively. Cynric, feel free to investigate!

Of course, he makes use of the phone, too.]
Hmm...I am a bit concerned. Does anyone know if we must eat all this cereal to qualify for getting our things back? I can't help suspecting it would be too easy if we did not...

ouch, that could have gone better

Backdated due to Maipole backthreading

Posted on 2010.07.15 at 01:15
[Zevran jerks awake, alarmed for the few moments it takes him to realize that there are no bullets tearing into his back, and that he seems to be back in his house in Mayfield. Did he die? He assumes as much, since he doesn't remember anything after the party leader telling his men to open fire...but it happened so quickly that he doesn't actually remember any period of transition from alive to dead.

Still...a slightly disturbing thought.

It's when he's heading out to either go to work or to check on the town and make sure everything's back to normal - he's not certain which he considers more of a priority at the moment - that he discovers a box has been delivered to him. Opening it reveals that the box itself is empty save for a card with nothing on it but a few symbols...

Instinctively, Zevran reaches up to check. And grins. Yes, thanks to his regain, he's now an elf again.]
I never thought I would be so grateful for such a racist gesture.

[Note that a common, racially derogatory term for elves in the Dragon Age universe is 'knife-ears'.]

all business, and you don't want to know what business

Shortly following the bombings... (mod-approved)

Posted on 2010.07.09 at 02:06
Let's watch this city burnCollapse )

[tl;dr - Zevran is currently lighting the party leader's home on fire, with somewhat more planning and preparation than Hughes' attempt. Anyone who approaches will either find him attempting to pitch the molotov cocktails he's got left through windows(in which case they're free to help, if so inclined), or will find him standing at a distance to study his handiwork. Keep in mind that if you want to find him after he's finished, you probably only have a very short window before some form of retribution hits.]

all business, and you don't want to know what business

Necessary cruelty

Posted on 2010.07.08 at 03:09
[Zevran has seen the news, and more importantly, heard Hughes' announcement. Assassin that he is, with the detachment he can force himself to maintain, he's going to work it to his advantage.]

In light of the...incendiary actions of some of our misguided comrades, and the distressing news of earlier, I believe it may be in the best interests of everyone if all vodka is temporarily turned over to our esteemed party leader for safekeeping. There is too much risk it may be misused in the hands of those who have been deceived.

If I may be so bold as to suggest it, I feel that all crates of vodka should be moved to the party leader's residence without delay, where it will be kept safe under his watchful eye until it is safe to redistribute.

[Yes, he is planning what you think he's planning. Anyone who wants to donate some crates of vodka to this slightly-more-subtle effort will find Zevran lurking near the party leader's house, looking unusually subdued.]


In which Zevran has an ~idea~

Posted on 2010.07.07 at 23:08
Olivier, Sniper, Hughes - would you perhaps like to come over? I have had a marvelous idea for how better to serve our great leader, and I would like you all to hear it in person. [Why, yes, he does mean 'this is not something I can say over the phones'.]

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